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payment options

Welcome to Ambrose payment system

Saint Ambrose has its payment channels to help ensure your safety and convenience. Here are ways to  to pay:

1. Cash

           Cash payment is open at Saint Ambrose Cashier from Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. -4:00 p.m.

2. Over -the Counter Bank Payment

            If you choose to pay over the counter through the accredited banks of Saint Ambrose please make 

payment / deposit to Saint Ambrose Grade School of Manila's Savings Account.

The following are the details:

Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company

Account Name: Saint Ambrose Grade School of Manila, Inc.

Bank Branch: Zabarte

Account Number: 445-344-550-130-2

3. G-Cash - 0977-1728929 ( Lorna Reyes )


G-cash to Bank transfer    

       1. Open the G-cash App.

       2. Send money
       3. Send to bank transfer

       4. Select bank

       5. Type account name, account number

       6. Enter Amount

       7. Send Money

G-cash to G-cash

       1. Open the G-cash App

       2. Send to 0977-1728929 Lorna Reyes

       3. Enter Amount

       4. Message: Payment for ______

       5. Click Next

       6. Review details if correct

       7. Send payment


4. Pay-pal / Credit card

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