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Ambrose Bridge Flex

I. Definition of Terms:

Ambrose Learning Management System - refers to web-based tools that facilitate online learning. Edmodo is the official online learning platform of Saint Ambrose.

Synchronous is a type of remote learning wherein the class is conducted in real-time. In a synchronous class, the teacher and the students log in to a single online platform ( LMS ) and carry out tasks throughout the allotted time. This may be done through videoconference, chat or messaging apps, or audio chat using an online tool.

Asynchronous is a setup wherein students are provided with content and tasks they need to accomplish within a reasonable time frame using an online platform like the Ambrose Learning Management System. Interaction between the teacher and students does not take place in real-time. No face-to-face class meeting happens, even online. But students can consult with their teachers as needed.

II. Ambrose Bridge Flex

A. Structured 


The A-BRIDGE FLEX modality allows the student to attend class face-to-face or synchronously online. The class will still meet each week in a campus classroom.  Faculty will share their in-class teaching and discussions via live synchronous webinars. This opportunity provides students an option to attend on location or via webinar for each class session. Synchronous classes are those that require students and instructors to be online at the same time.

This modality provides an engaging experience to the online learner desiring to actively participate in class discussions, lectures, and projects. This modality also offers the flexibility of face-to-face students to attend synchronously online in certain circumstances that will be outlined by your program. The A-BRIDGE modality is part of an effort to improve the educational experience by reducing course-related student travel and keeping students on or close to their “home” campuses. The A-BRIDGE FLEX modality aligns with Saint Ambrose Grade School of Manila's mission to provide quality education with convenience and flexibility.

  • Daily Check-ins- Each school day begins with a prayer, reminders, and monitoring of students' well-being.

  • Reasonable Class Schedule

  • Consultation Periods- These may be initiated by a teacher, student, or parent for academic and non-academic concerns.

B. Flexibility

The Ambrose Online Learning is designed to be delivered in a different modality.  No students will be left behind because learning materials are available to all students regardless of the strength of their internet connectivity. Content is streamlined to tackle DepEd's Most Essential Learning Competencies ( MELC ).

The Grading System and criteria for awards will be reviewed in reference to the guidelines to be given by the Department of Education.

Students will still use books/ modules as main references for the different subjects.

C. Parent's Guide to supporting online learning

In a home learning environment which is characterized by independent learning and reduced direct instructional time with the teachers, Saint Ambrose and home partnership are vital in optimizing online learning results. Parents/ guardians must provide an atmosphere that is safe, secure, and conducive to learning.

Parents may help establish the following routines:

  • Have their child get enough sleep

  • Set a dedicated  study place for online learning

  • Complete academic work as best as possible

  • Practice physical exercise and proper hygiene for health and wellness

  • Follow the schedule given by the school

Ambrose Online Learning
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