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Saint Ambrose Grade School of Manila understand that families have different living conditions and  different resources available at home:

  • Technical difficulties related to hardware and software platforms

  • Student is unable to engage in academic work due to sickness, power interuption and internet disruption.

  • and  Others

Parents are encourage to disclose if they are experiencing such issues.

We want to teach our students the value of INITIATIVE in reaching out to their teachers concerning lessons and other  tasks given since character development are taking place away from the school. Parents are responsible to support them under the new normal. If further communication is needed, parents can

reach out to the school through proper channels.

Recommended Software and Hardware for Ambrose Online Learning:

  • Audio and video plug-ins - media player for video and audio ( e.g. Windows Media Player, VLC etc),     

  • Web conferencing capability- Zoom, Google Meet etc.

  • Web Browser-e.g. Google Chrome, Safari

  • Word Processing - e.g. Microsoft Word

  • Reading test documents - e.g. Adobe Acrobat reader

  • Presentation - e.g. Microsoft Power point, Keynote

  • Video/sound recording e.g. built -in-camera

Devices to be used are left to the discretion of the parents. But for optimal learning experience we recommend devices such as:

Laptop or desktop with

Intel 8th generation processors ( i3/i5/i7/i9 ) with RAM at least 8GB and storage of 200 GB /Graphis Card DirectX 9 or later with WDDM driver / display resolution of 1024 x 768 / Windows 10 64-bit

MS Office / internet bandwith of 5Mbps broadband/fiber

Others: Web cam, microphone, (Headphone with Mic) optional , USB port, 

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